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2018 Blades Update

In early August I was lucky enough to take delivery of my brand new set of Severne Blades to test as one of Severnes brand ambassadors –  So whats new I here you ask?


Well for a start the physical weight of the actual sail is slightly less this is due to new e3 scrim material the result is really noticeable on the water compared to 2017 sails which felt pretty good anyway. Also the weight has been reduced by halving the weight of the batten tensioners this is really important especially high up in the sail as reductions here are really help in the sails responses and overall swing weight.

Another thing worth a mention is on my 4.2 it now comes with a fixed head,more weight saved here too.

I have used all of my sizes now and im really impressed with the 2018 changes.

Lighter,Faster,smoother. Look out for the van and hope to see you on the water.

Jonny F

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