2016 Gator review.

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gator-freerideThe Severne Gator

A no cam progressive free-ride sail.
I have been using the Severne Gator sail now for many years. If I can rig the Gator, I will.
The reason for this comment is it will keep me on the water longer! No need to return to change sail, just adjust the rig on the beach whether for higher or lighter winds this can save you lots of time re-rigging a different size as the Gator has a massive wind range keeping it‘s stability.
Progressive geometry give the smaller sizes a higher cut foot designed more for wave, bump and jump, and higher winds were the larger sizes have a lower cut foot and extra battens for more power, blasting and drive but still feel very light in the hand.
The Gator has had an upgrade for 2016. Apart from only being available in one colour, Severne have improved the X-ply clarity, added a Dacron luff panel on the smaller sails and a higher aspect ratio on the larger sails for a smooth drive the central centre of effort gives massive stability.
Over all, this sail range is a fantastic strong sail that will suit a large range of sailors, from beginners to intermediate free-rider and professional riders, whether on inland waters or at sea delivering performance to all levels.
Available in sizes
3.7m to 8m
Mast – I would always recommend a Severne mast.
The smaller sizes are on a RDM. Middle size will rig on a RDM or SDM were the larger sizes (7m +) need a SDM.

Any questions please contact me on FB or 07768882195

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