2020 Blade 5.7

July 27, 2019 5:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

I received my new 5.7m 2020 Blade on Friday and had the pleasure of getting to try it out the very next day!
My first impression on rigging it up was how light it felt.
I was sailing the Blade on my Severne Dyno 95L and found they worked extremely well together and the colour combo made it very nice to look at too!
On the water, I found this sail very light and controllable in the hand, due to the premium X-Ply and Spider-Fibre used in its construction.
The power from the Blade drives its power down into the board for full control.
A very friendly, high performance sail so if it sounds like something you might want to try out, give us a shout and join us down the beach.

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This post was written by Steve Chatten (Team Rider)

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