A day For The Severne Warriors….

April 18, 2013 9:13 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This week has been a pleasant change for windsurfing with temperatures shooting up in to the mid teens. Together with this the southerly winds blew in from the Bay Of Biscay making for some great windsurfing in The Wash.

Today Steve and I rocked up at Hunstanton for a sail we suspected would be on 5.3?s…………………..Oh No!!!!

We firstly went out after seeing John Fox go out on his 5.5 ans his son Arthur was on a 4.7. I rigged a 4.7 Blade with my Fanatic Freewave 85 Textreme and Steve a 5.3 Gator and fanatic Freewave 85 TE and off we went……….about 50 yards totally over powered! Hmmmm……… we came in and reconsidered. I ended up using my 3.7 Blade and Fanatic Triwave 86 and Steve was on my 4.2 Blade with the NEW RRD Freestylewave 90.

It was amazingly flat but definately was a day for the warriors only as the wind was gusting 45knots. It was great to see team rider Andy Holland out on his S1 3.9 and RRD Quad 83 (Oh, thanks for the advice Andy rigging the 3.7 – its transformed the sails performance!).

We also saw other Severne warriors such as Jeff Parnell and Jason Ford sporting their SWAT’s (Great to see J pull off a awesome forward loop wave thingy(kind of a wave inverted pushloop……in 40 knots!).

Couldn’t resist getting some shots for the mags with the Severne wind sock!!!

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