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Severneshop softproof

So its likely that you are here on this News story because you have clicked through from one of our mystical adverts all over the windsurfing media. If not, you will probably not be curious as to why we are posting mysterious adverts announcing ‘The Revolution Is Coming’.

Well, its all about a New revolution in windsurf retailing coming to this website from the 4th April 2016. It promises to revolutionise the way we sell, and you buy windsurf kit in the future……. oh yes, its IS really that bigger deal.

From 4:4:2016 Severneshop is undergoing a complete change in the way its sells kit from the Fanatic, Severne and RRD windsurf boards we sell to the way we demonstrate the massive selection of Severne windsurf sails we always stock – so much so we are the biggest Severne stockist in Europe. We will be merging with Quayside Windsurfers to extend the range of products we currently sell.

Severne Lux Windsurf Harness

2016 Severne Gator - Freemove

We cannot give away too much as other retailers will be up in arms no doubt, but suffice to say, you would be well advised to add this website to your favourites for the future if you buy Fanatic, Severne and RRD boards or any Severne sails or hardware. What we can say is that we will have Every single Severne item of hardware in stock and keep demo models of their NEW harness range in M and L for you to try with your own kit, wherever you are in the Uk and at whatever time………. quite some deal we think.


Our massive mobile shop and demo bus will be hosting ‘flash’ demo days around the Uk at the most popular spots so you can come along and see the kit at the beach when its windy at your local beach. With EVERY Severne model on demo in the sizes you use, this will be a genuine first in the industry. To register all you need to do is to apply to receive our e-shot each month to get the heads up or watch our News and Events page for further details.

New Fanatic and RRD windsurf boards will be more affordable than ever with our NEW pricing policy. Its so exclusive we cannot disclose it to the media or online so you MUST call us for details.

Severne NuEvo Carbon Windsurfing Board

We will also be selling Fanatic and RRD SuP’s at prices never seen before and with demo models available to try at the local demo events buying a SuP has just got a lot easier. We will be stocking ION hardware and selling to order ION wetsuits as well as other popular items such as the North XT range of extensions.

The 210 Cap

Lastly, and possibly the most exciting, is our Severneshop Revolutionaire Team. This will allow our customers to become Severneshop Revolutionaires and Warriors giving them exclusive access to exclusive deals and promotional material such as Severneshop beachware and sail stickers. We know how much our Severneshop customers want to promote the brand and this is the way you can get involved yourself.

So there you go……….. It really is exciting times at Severneshop!!

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