Best Sail Of Winter 2013/4………….

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Following the tragic death of Paul Perry, there was only one outcome when I saw the forecast for today. 30-45mph winds blowing Southerly mean it was to be a High Tide sail at Hunstanton. Not ideal as the swell sometimes gets really choppy but with the last few days being like they were, it was the option to go sailing in Paul’s name today. The temperature was 11 degrees which is mega mild for February so it was time to pull out my ION Fusion double lined wetsuit 5/4mm. Its much more flexible than the ION Fuse drysuit which is for the sub 8 degrees days  as it is simply so warm.

The guys were out on 3.7’s and 4.0’s so I knew it would be a big one. I rigged my Severne S-1 4.0 now sporting my tribute to Paul neatly stickered on the sail – thanks so much to Ray at RJS Signs who gave up his Saturday afternoon to design and print the stickers. Because of the swell I opted for my Fanatic Tri-wave 81 and made my way to the water. On my way I took advice on attempting my ‘Forward’ from Keiron Roan and Jason Ford, both masters of the Forward Loop – they both told me that today was not ideal as it was very windy and the waves were coming from the wrong direction. Nevertherless, I fitted my Go-Pro to my awesome Severne Enigma carbon boom and made my way to the water.

It took about 15 minutes as I was stopped by so many windsurfers who wanted to talk and remember Paul Perry – big thanks to Richard Evans who has offered to produce a video montage on Youtube – we all look forward to that!.

So out I went powered up on my Severne S-1 4.0 and settled in to my harness, lines and the Fanatic Tri-wave 81. I’m REALLY luvin the 2014 Tri-wave 81. Last years model was such hard work to get going yet this years model just bears off and ‘BOOM’……. your planing. I was really settled even though it was pretty windy out there and started trying a few jumps. The ramps were few and far between but I got lucky, getting some of the cleanest and highest jumps of my life. Sadly the water conditions were just not right for trying ‘Forwards’ so that will have to wait for another day, but I had some awesome footage to show you guys on my Go-Pro………….. errrrr, wheres the Go-Pro?. I took it off the boom and fitted to my board bracket mounted on the tail of the board. SH@T!!!!……… probably the best evidence of some decent jumps lost into the wash never to be seen again…….

Special mention to Team QSW Kite rider Jordy Smith who is learning windsurfing and bravely came out with us today. Considering he has only been learning on and off for a year he did brilliantly…. fair play mate!!!!!

So, there it is……. the best sailing day of Winter 2013/4……… looks like Paul’s with us after all!

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