COVID-19 Begins To Bite

March 4, 2020 5:56 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


I’m not sure how Corona Virus is taking over your life but here in the UK things are reaching a state of Hysteria!

What ever you might think about how it will effect you, its certainly beginning to effect supply’s of Severne Kit coming out of China. The last shipment of sails and accessories due to arrive in February has been delayed until March, and our shipment of Freeride sails due to arrive in April is now not due until May. Its all been a knock-on effect of the factory shutdowns enforced in China in January and has knocked all future deliveries back by 3-4 weeks. We do have several customers who are waiting for sails from China and we apologise for the unforeseen delay.

The bigger concern is that due to re-allocation of stocks we will be getting very little future 2020 stock coming through. This means availability will be very limited and any chance of ‘Close out’ deals highly unlikely. Once again ‘Pro’ series sails have effectively not been produced in numbers so will not be available. This is alarming as we can seriously foresee chronic under supply of 2020 sails this Summer.

Let’s hope the Corona Virus passes by sooner rather than later – not so much because its effects as its no more lethal than a bout of Seasonal Flu, but because of the impact on Severne supplies getting out of China and/or simply being cut back in 2020.

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