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We posted a while ago the up and coming Severne Cyclops Mast Extension and how it will make rigging your sail take less than 2 minutes!

Now we have stocks of the brand new product its time for us to test it to see if it really is as good as it claims………

The Cyclops extension comes in two constructions and two sizes – Aluminium and carbon and 36 and 24cm. Its boasts a transverse pulley arrangement that allows the user to simply ‘loop’ the downhaul line through the sail pulleys. These pulleys are claimed to make pulling the downhaul so easy it can done without a need for a puller. The end of the downhaul line has a loop with a sleeve which is used as a hand pull. Severne claim this can be done easily.

Firstly it good to see Severne sticking with their historic extension sizes (36cm and 24cm) and continue to come as Aluminium and carbon versions. When you handle the Cyclops its immediately apparent the quality of the engineering in it. Everything neatly fits its corresponding part and the extension collar is easily moved up and down for adjustment. The pulleys are stainless steel and feel extremely smooth and that reflects in just how easy it is to downhaul the sail – I mean its SUPER easy…… handed easy!!!!

The North Pin deckplate lock system also has not escaped  re-engineering. it too feels much easier to connect and disconnect from the deckplate feeling properly connected to the deck once on. This extension really does feel like a true step up from previous models and thats a good feeling.

Using the extension is every bit as good as Severne claim – the new extension is ideally suited to the 2019 sails which have a large enough gap above the sail pulleys to pass the downhaul line straight through. This means its simply a loop of the line, then a pull of the downhaul  with the plastic line sleeve, and its done!!

The Cyclops is compatible with pre 2019 sails but you will need to undo the sleeve and use the extension as a normal thread through style extension. It still is very easy to downhaul but you need to thread the lines through the sail pulleys beforehand.


We now have both sizes and constructions in stock to order Here

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