Defi Wind Will Take Place In 2021 – But its Different!

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Neils not very happy!……… actually he’s not very happy at all!!

Why – well Neil makes an annual homage to his favourite windsurf race – Defi Wind, the hardest endurance windsurf race in the world. He’s been attending this annual madness for over 6 years but in 2020 the event had to be cancelled due that bloody thing called COVID, but he was hoping that for 2021 they could hold the event in the format its famous for – 1500 windsurfing burning it up down a 26 mile course with offshore 25-60 knot winds hammering across from the mountains. Not everyones idea of fun I know but he likes it!

Well we received an email basically saying that this years Defi Wind in postponed once again but they are holding a smaller competition as a substitute. There will be a number of PRO sailors attending the event on the 13th-16th May and 300 amateur racers will be able to enter the race to see if they can beat the PRO’S on the world renowned course. Its not the Defi Wind that has earned its mad reputation over the last 20 years but they want to try and hold some kind of event this year.

We asked Neil what his reaction was and he said ” I totally understand why Phillip Bru wants to hold some kind of event and I hope that it all goes well but I won’t be entering as its just not the same without the other 1499 competitors. This is one of the very last of the uninhibited ‘Crazy Races’ everyone can take part in. I nowday’s just use wave or freeride kit as I want to enjoy racing other Freeriders rather than the Slalom kit I used to race on. I really hope that they can put on a full fat Defi Wind in 2022 as it a great 10 days away for me and my dog ( no the wife doesn’t come…Lol).

There is confusion as to whether the 2020 entry fees have been refunded as the organisers held them ready for automatic entry into the 2021, but neil reports that he’s emailed the organisers twice but not had any replies………. he fears that his €139 Euros is lost.

We are guessing there will be some live feeds come the event in May but nothing is confirmed yet. Lets hope with COVID restrictions due to begin to be relaxed in the UK we can get out and enjoy our beloved sport.

So whats Neil done to beat his blues……….. well he’s already booked up for his annual trip to wave heaven that is TIREE in September!!!

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