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Discounted Sails

We hold over 120 Severne sails in stock at These sails are new or ex-display but are all discounted to give you the best possible deal. There is no extra discount on these deals but if you are buying two or more sails in the same order then call us and see if we can give a little extra discount. We will if we can! For all older sails and used stock see our eBay clearance page.

2014 S14.5Red386162370£539£335Add to basket
2014 Blade4.7Red/Blue404163400£509£335Add to basket
2014 Blade5.3Red/Blue432172400£535£339Add to basket
2014 Gator4.7Red/Yellow410162400£435£345Add to basket
2014 Gator5.3Red/Yellow434170430£499£355Add to basket
2015 S-14.0Red373153370£499£355Add to basket
2015 S1 Pro4.0Orange374150370£649£425Add to basket
2015 S1 Pro4.4Orange386158370£669£435Add to basket
2015 Blade4.2Red/Yellow390158370£499£365Add to basket
2015 Blade5.7Blue/Blue438180430£555£399Add to basket
2015 Blade Pro4.2Red/Red386157370£649£415Add to basket
2016 Blade4.2Red/Blue392158370£525£420Add to basket
2016 Blade5.7Red/Blue438180430£585£468Add to basket
2016 Blade Pro5.0Blue/Blue411166400£739£499Add to basket
2016 S-14.4Orange/Burgandy393155370£459£367Add to basket
2016 Gator4.2Blue/Blue390156370£479£383Add to basket
2016 Gator4.7Blue/Blue406162400£509£407Add to basket
2016 UNIT5.5Blue/Blue432175430£479£383Add to basket
2016 Gator7.0Blue/Blue464190430£615£492Add to basket
2016 Turbo 8.1Red/Yellow492204490£579£463Add to basket