Dyno pleasure in Tenerife.

February 10, 2018 5:31 pm Published by 1 Comment

Just back from a week sailing in El Medano, Tenerife.

This was my first experience sailing the new Severne Dyno board. It was the 105 version, which I used with a 5m & 5.7m Blade.
As always, I have read the reports and sale’s information but they have made a big mistake!

This board is miles better than anything you can read about it. You need to sail it to appreciate its benefits. Whatever you want this board to do, it just does it. The board can be used as a single fin board or as a tri fin. I was using the tri fin, which allowed me to manoeuvre and jump the waves off the wall in El Medano with ease while gybing is as easy as a knife in butter. It just cuts into the turn.
Other sailors on the beach got the opportunity to try the board a well and the feedback was a unanimous thumbs up for the controllability and amazing ride experience.
This will definitely be an addition to my range of boards and I cannot wait to get back on home turf and try it out.


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  • Dyno 95 ordered on his return – lucky boy!

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