Dyno v2 115Ltr Spotted…….

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Not many boards have evoked such a reaction from its usersĀ  as the original Severne Dyno – A board that has re-wrote the rule book on Freestylewave board shapes!!

Shorter, straighter rails and a thruster or single fin setup that allowed the rider to choose how they were to sail on any particular day. The Dyno v2 simply took the original boards succuss even further, not by changing the boards shape….oh no, that did’nt need changing, but by tweeking with the footstraps, fins and graphics to refresh the boards appeal.

This board is a very rare opportunity – Why, well you cannot buy a New Dyno 115 v2 for love or for money at the moment because they are SOLD OUT until at least October where we might get a few Dyno v3’s arrive. Also its barely been used…..yeah, yeah I hear you say! – well look at the fins. They have not been in the water because the 1st owner used their own single fin (not supplied as standard). The condition is better than excellent – Hell…. its like new!

The last Dyno v2 we had on sale sold within 30 minutes so we feel this board wont be around for long. But for now it is…..so if you have had your eyes on one….its a no brainer!

See it Here

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