Forthcoming Severne Alien Foil Board Pics Break Cover……….

May 14, 2020 7:34 pm Published by 1 Comment


One of the great things with being a part of the Severne family is that sometimes our most loyal customers spot stuff sooner than Severne actually send it to us officially. To this end our good friend, (and solid Severne Ambassador kevin Frost) send me these real life pictures of the NEW board which broke cover in Oz today. We announced the sneak teaser post on our News page a couple of weeks ago but we only had rendered pictures. The board really does look like a dedicated foil board with a very square shape and cut-outs at the rear of its hull. We also see the footstrap positions are more inboard than early foil boards making it clear that fun is at the heart of the foiling experience for this board. It really does look a very sexy board and We also see Slingshot Foil I have heard Severne developers used as a benchmark to model the Severne Foil shape on .

We have now opened a special product interest page to allow customers to express their interest in the forthcoming board which hopefully lands in the UK in October 2020. You can place a £1 expression of interest so we can track customers wanting more information once prices are released in the UK. We only have 2 Alien 125’s and 1 Alien 115 available to purchase from the very first drop of boards (Only about 10 boards!).

So indulge yourself looking at this game changing board and we just cannot wait to actually try out this supercool kit – Special thanks goes to Kevin Frost for his heads up!


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  • Can see this board being a “must have” piece of kit for foilers out there.
    Not managed to foil myself over the last couple of yrs , but have watched on with interest ,as things evolve.
    Its when you see another piece of artistry come from the SV camp, my eyes light up and maybe, just maybe it’ll be time for me to join flight club.
    Keeping an eye out for the eagerly anticipated foil, for which I’ve only seen some hazy images as yet. I’m sure ,as always SV wont disappoint, both asthetically and performance wise.

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