In these Times Of Lockdown……. Retrospective Interviews 4

April 29, 2020 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

And finally the last of this series of Retrospective Interviews………

This first interview was back in 2012 when we met up with the main man at RRD – Roberto Ricci

This guy designs everything from skimpy Italian mens trunks to yachts – and his knowledge of windsurf boards was the best around at the time. he spent the day with all the Severneshop Team and hes a really interesting guy to talk to. Ill never forget talking to dave White after he had flown out to Italy to see Roberto and RR insisted they went out in his brand new Aston Martin….it didn’t end well!


The second today is with a guy who has quietly been kicking Slalom Racing internationally for over 15 years. Ross Williams was ( and still is but hes married) the poster boy of british Slalom Racing. Everywhere he goes young ladies just are attracted to his modest polite manor………. unbelievable!! Lol

But this guy is certainly not a poser – hes a hardcore racing machine built to Slalom Race and is very very good at it. I hooked up at Weymouth OTC to chat his rise to fame and where his life is taking him now. A very likable guy who is totally unrattlable!!

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