In these Times Of Lockdown……. Retrospective Interviews

April 21, 2020 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

As the title says, we are going through times none of us have experienced or would wish for. So with our appreciation growing by the day for our key workers and above all our Health Workers around the world. Over the past few weeks Ive taken the chance to speak to people from around the globe from windsurf manufacturers, Racers, Team Riders and friends, and the overwhelming message from all of them is just how much we want to thank those people around the world putting themselves at risk for the rest of us.

It little known fact is  for 21 years I was a Firefighter, and saw some of the best and worst of humanity and I know that when I put myself in harms way for others, back then,  I for one never thought of my actions as any more than doing what I wanted to do to help those in peril. So its sobering to see everybody around all of us appreciating those who continue to put themselves in harms way for us.

And so whilst we all do our bit and stay at home ( even though as I write this outside the sun is shining with a healthy 25-30knot ENE wind!) heres a chance to revisit two of my favourite interviews.

Firstly an interview I did with Ben Severne in 2017 when he flew into the UK for a whistle stop tour of Severne Team Riders. Heavily jet lagged ben was still the definitive sail engineer with absolutely no care for marketing, money, or status……….no Ill let him tell you what a great day at work is for him.


And my second choice is an interview with a guy who has been at the top of his game for over 15 years now as a Severne Team Rider and one of the nicest guys in windsurfing. Timo Mullen is probably the toughest windsurf pro to pin down long enough to sit down and have a chat, but in 2018 he wanfered onto the Severneshop stand at the National Watersports Festival and so we grabbed him for a chat…….. and what a chat!. He was such a joy to talk to with his honest anekdotes of windsurf adventures and his genuine love of the sport and everyone who does it. For a guy who is 110% committed to going anywhere at a drop of a hat to catch a session his passion for the sport and Severne kit still shines through – and he’s one of the most approachable people in the sport.


So sit yourself down with a cuppa and enjoy my first two Interview retrospectives………..


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