Jonny Gambell tries the new Severne NANO!

November 13, 2017 2:33 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

After lots of recent sailing in some pretty rough conditions, I decided I need to try a different board as I usually use a Fanatic Skate which is pretty freestyle orientated. Neil from Severneshop kindly agreed to lending me his Serverne Nano 93. I used it at Wells on a high tide and I was extremely impressed with how the board performed. The new shape is super compact and short, which is really nice and the board feels so easy to ride. Every small ramp felt huge on this bo
ard and it really did want to take off evey wave! I must admit the shape took a bit of getting used to but after about an hour, I was loving the board and was really surprised with how easy it was so sail. Although wave orientated, I think the board would be an awesome choice for any free sailors who may have used to sail a freestyle wave but are looking for the next step… the board carves really nicely and makes gybes feel so much easier.

Overall, extremely happy with the shape of the new board and the graphics and colours look…well you can see for yourself! They look mad with the new Severne sails too!!I’m just under 13 stone and I think the 83 would be perfect for me!


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