New 2012 Wave Sails Reveiled…..

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So here they are – The 2012 Blade, S1, and SWAT – sails will be arriving around December but you can reserve yours by calling us at the shop.


Severne Sails have spent another year testing, developing and refining their products ready to introduce their 2012 freewave range to the world, thusly: Our three wave sails have all been subjected to significant testing hours with every aspect analysed. The result is a further updated range taking any rider to the next level…


2012 BLADE

Combining unsurpassed durability with a power and control orientated design; we’ve configured the technical innovations of our BLADE to give you the optimum balance of manoeuvrability and stability. When you’re executing a turn, the low centred power of the BLADE drives down into the board, giving you an enhanced power delivery and limitless control.

As well as the new bright colours, we have added light wind sizes to the Blade range.  You can now use larger sizes without having to upgrade your mast, accessing more conditions without the extra expense.


2012 S-1

We build the S-1 light.  Using the lightest, most technical materials with specific material zones we keep the swing weight low in the sail.  Instant response comes as standard, through a flatter profile and tighter skin tension.  The S-1 will respond at light speed allowing you to manoeuvre the sail with unmatched precision.  Stripped back to maintain only the essential technology and materials, our new school riders Dany Bruch and Jaeger Stone reflect the ideology of this class leading wave sail.


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