NEW Generation Severne Masts Explained By Ben Severne

January 25, 2018 12:59 pm Published by 1 Comment

One of the most asked question in our advice centre is “Can I use my xxxx mast in my Severne sails?”. When we often give the answer theres a feeling that the customer often thinks we are just selling them more kit and not telling the truth. The truth is for the 2018 the range of masts have gone away from ‘carbon content’ to focus on lightness being the key indicator of performance. This may seem a little weird but it actually makes perfect sense. The lighter the mast the faster it reacts to inputs and influences.

To clear the whole matter up Principal Team Rider Neil Greentree hooked up with Ben Severne to discuss the changes in mast design and the suitability of his masts with his sails in 2018. Ben and Neil did an earlier video in 2011 explaining mast ben curves which you may want to see too.


Enjoy – its an interesting watch!!



The mast video Neil and Ben did in 2011


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  • Whats the difference between rdm gorilla and the g2.
    Also , some nice looking severne fins behind u. Are they the standard fin with their boards.

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