No wind in the UK but I got 12 out off 14 in Vass.

August 2, 2016 8:22 am Published by Leave your thoughts

My summer holidays took me back to Vassiliki, Greece once again and to Club Vass. My mission – to try and learn a few new moves and max out on speed on my favourite sail, the Gator.

With not having had many suitable wind days up on the North Norfolk coast so far this summer, Greece provided the perfect NW wind (better known to the locals as Eric) meaning I had 12 days sailing over the 14 day holiday!
This is my third year returning to Vass and it seems to improve every time I go. It is a lovely sheltered bay and when the wind switches NNW, usually in the afternoons and comes rushing over the mountain, pandemonium breaks out with a mass of sailors suddenly scurrying about checking kit and sizes with each other.
This provides an excellent opportunity to get talking to every other person that is there to do exactly what you are. Have fun!
There is an excellent choice of kit and with the great set up and coaching provided, it really does give sailors the opportunity to try out loads of different boards and sails and find your perfect match.
As it happened, I was in Vass when they had Dave White over for speed week. The couching from Dave and all the Club Vass team was fantastic as always.
It was a busy week on the water but this made it all the more exciting and kitted out with a my favourite sail the Gator and a freewave board, I managed a 3rd place overall for the week which was tremendous. Shows there’s still life in the old dog yet.
If you have ever wanted some sun and to try a large range of Severne sails, (the only sails they use) Club Vass needs to be on your agenda.
A big thank you to Dave White for some of the pictures.


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