One Mile Out In 35Knots………

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So having made it through 3 weeks of no wind Easter brought a forecast worthy of clearing my diary and getting the word out that a good sailing weekend was on the cards. Hunstanton was the location for the first of three sessions planned this weekend. Toppers Bank was gonna show – this is the bank 1 mile out in the Wash with perfect flat conditions for Team Rider Jonny Gambell to try out his 2016 Severne Freek’s. I rigged my S-1 Pro 4.8 and Severne NuEvo ¬†Biax Carbon 86 and set off out there with Fellow Team Riders Steve Chatten, Jonny Gambell and good friends Penny Wiles and Jake.


1 Mile out and the bank wasn’t showing but the wind was certainly blowing. Gusty……errrrr yes! The NuEvo really performed well ¬†– I expected it to fall straight off the plane as soon as the wind dropped but it held the apparent wind very well. As the bank exposed itself (Ooo….errr!) the wind accelerated over the sand bank hitting 35knots. I was getting so overpowered I found the board fin walking and spinning out regularly simply coz I couldn’t commit. So day 1 of the Easter sessions was good but not great. Why, well it was choppy, gusty and just didn’t feel like a 10/10 day. Tomorrow I joined by a customer Demo’ing some sails and I’m reviewing the NEW K4 Rocket Fins.Lets hope day 2 and 3 deliver more……..





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