Postcard From Tiree – Part 2

September 25, 2019 12:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts


So as you know I’m up in Tiree, the land of godly windsurfing or properly grim weather….and the two change regularly. Yesterday was a no wind day so it was time to go visiting the other beaches ready for the windy days. This island on a nice day is simply beautiful….. no beautiful is no good enough for this oasis. I also have found that there is a clan of windsurfers ( and surfers) who pay pilgrimage every year to this location.

And everybody chats to each other… nice is that!!! My campsite is basic to say the least. I would recommend that a motorhome is hired as this gives you true independence and yet gets to every beach. So lets hope for wind very soon and I’ll get on the blog


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