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Revolutionaire discounts

If you have been a part of the Revolution you will be aware that we have offered discounts on all purchases you make on the website with no lower limit. Over the last year huge pressures have been placed on us with the UK leaving the EU and the fall in the pound, and what the decision to leave brought. The challenge we faced was that either prices went up or we approached the matter in a different way – so of course we took the second option!

So now as a Revolutionaire you can still benefit from the same discounts as you did before simply by keeping your order over £200. This has been achieved by us saving costs and negotiating hard with our supply chain partners to ensure we can continue to offer our loyal customers the best deals out there. Principal Team Rider Neil Greentree commented:

“ We have worked so hard with our partners to avoid the price rises being put to us. This NEW discount structure ensures that loyal customers still get their discount –  they just save up their purchases they would have made over 3 months into one single order. This way our beloved customers still get the benefits from Severneshop into the future.”
Principal Team Rider Neil Greentree

If you need further information on the changes just call any of our Team Riders and they will gladly clarify any queries.

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