Revolutionaire Review: Kevin Frost – 2017 NCX 5.5

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wp_20161028_10_45_59_proThe best opinions you can get are those of your customers – thats why we love to hear from our Revolutionaire’s when they get a chance to try out and comment on the sails we sell. UK sailor Kevin Frost sent me this about the 2017 NCX 5.5 he took delivery of about 1 month ago….

If any of you want to write a review on the sails you have purchased just send an email to  including about 250-500 words and 3-4 photos of the sail/ you/etc



Kevin Frost – UK : 

First impressions rigging the new 2017 severne ncx 5.5m

  Well after flying up to Severneshop yesterday to pick up a couple of new sails, couldn’t wait to rig her up this morning.  As you can see from the photos ,the colours are amazing as always, and rigging simple , especially  for the first time, as sometimes some sails feel slightly stiff in the luff , as to be expected when trying to feed the mast for the first time .

I used a Severne blueline 430 sdm mast although it recommends a 400. With pretty much the exact downhall recommended and with negative outhall the sail set nicely and rotated fine. Will be interesting to see how it performs on the water using this setup and rigging it with the  400 rdm mast .

  To conclude,  an extremely pretty and well made attention to detail sail with rigging simplicity. The one reason I chose the NCX over more technical  race sails, plug n play for me.  Will let you know how it performs when she next blows.

Cheers Severneshop

Kevin Frost

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