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We love a bit of inside gossip here at the worlds hub for all things Severne………….


So we tapped up Neil after his return from secret meetings in Tenerife with Severne top brass to ask him what is on the Horizon at Severne Sails. Needless to say his response was muted as these meeting are shrouded in secrecy – so much so 1 interview he had actually had security at hand………… just in case of a spoiler!

What he could confirm is that for 2020 Severne will be releasing a range of boardbags and quiver bags. This is after years of pressure from retailers wishing to offer the complete range of software to run alongside the hardware they offer. Neil commented ” They look very solid quality offering wheeled bags as well as lightweight bags. I was impressed with what they will be doing”

On the subject of foiling boards and foiling sails – of course the NEW Hyperglide 2 is now out for the racers and Neil feels a softer recreational sail could be coming soon as pressure is mounting in this sector. This in Neil’s view could simply be a revised Turbo GT branded as a foil specific sail ( something Severne could easily do).  As for boards – who knows…….. but Neil felt that Severne were listening closely to the feedback being given which is usually a sign of something in the pipeline.

He also got to see the NEW Nano mule boards being tested around the world which will hopefully be coming through to the UK market sometime in the next 12 months or so. ” This is a really special board and will blow the socks off the waveriders amongst us” said Neil.

So there it is….. theres more to come but we have to get back to plying the Severne top brass with beers and peanuts to find out more about the other NEW products, technical innovations and spoilers!!..


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