Severne Shortage Of Product Predicted for 2021/22

May 3, 2021 11:37 am Published by 2 Comments


In a shock announcement Neil GreentreeĀ  has intimated that Severne product coming through to the Uk could be severely impacted by post COVID manufacturing restrictions combined with logistic issues across the world. His words come as we see unprecedented demand for Severne products in the UK and across the world, and word from the Severne camp is that there could be a shortage of product to meet demand this year. Behind the scenes its muted that these problems could well roll over into the 2022 season as worldwide demand for windsurfing product hits a 15 year high!!

Neil commented ” We fortunately ordered very heavily foreseeing the possible demand for 2021 so we are definitely in a stronger position than most retailers out there, but the problem remains that items like harnesses, masts, sails and Enigma booms could run well short in 2021/2. We have been working extremely hard to secure key product for 2022 and we will be announcing soon a very specialĀ line of product we will be offering for 2022. We hope this is just the start of stronger and longer collaborations with Ben in the future, giving yet another global USP”

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  • Severne turning blue ????

  • Which colours do the Freek Sails get?

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