Severne Turbo.

April 10, 2016 12:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Severne Turbo.
A twin cam sail that feels fast, light and stable.
The perfect sail to enter the world of going fast. Easier to rig than the Overdrive and Reflex.

The 2 roller cams stabilize the foil shape giving it power and drive though gusts and lulls.

Its design focus was for improved comfort and control across a greater range of wind conditions giving it a light weight feel along with stability and control.
I have used this sail range for race events and just blasting along on sunny days. A great sail to use on all days!
If you want a fast sail the Turbo is your choice, but if are looking for a rig under 7m, I would also look at the Unit.
Available from 5.5m to 9.2m.

For more information please FB or call 07768882195


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