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September 29, 2020 7:50 pm Published by 1 Comment

Severne Alien windsurf foil board


So over the last few years we have seen a number of manufacturers rush to get their first windsurf foil boards and wings out for general release only to find their take on the foiling market was wrong!

Ben Severne always said he would wait until the market settled and customers knew what they wanted – and what they wanted was a simple windfoil setup that is pleasant to ride rather than a nerve racking rollercoaster ride with you trimming the board frantically to avoid the twitchy ‘head over heels’ feeling followed by the feeling of the foil cutting into your legs!!!!!!! Ouch!

Severne Redwing Hydrofoil

So when Ben decided what a foil board should deliver………… it started with making foiling relaxing and enjoyable ( with a higher performance foil as an option). So the last 14 months the team have been working on the Alien range of boards. Coming in 105, 115, 125 the Alien is setup to be comfortable and not twitchy. Its foil companion ‘The Redwing’ is designed to be easy to sail with a low aspect front foil and soft foil edges so no cut legs.

This all to make foiling easier and more fun – we will have limited 1st Edition models from middle of october with future deliveries likely to be more expensive than the 1st Edition Range.


Alien Board Here

Redwing Foil Here


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1 Comment

  • Looks sweet.
    Ben , I could of told you I wanted a freeride board and foil thats easy to use and doesnt twitch 2 yrs ago .LOL !!!!

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