Severneshop Announce Move Away From Windsurf Magazine

February 1, 2021 12:00 am Published by 5 Comments

Physco Media gets to bottom of’s rise and rise to become the leading online Severne Sails retailer in the world, and its shift away from its long term relationship with Windsurf Magazine to a new and exciting partnership with Ben Proffitt’s massively popular WINDSURFING.TV.

In conjunction with our announcement to move away from Windsurf Magazine to partner up with Windsurfing.TV for 2021, we are giving you the chance to win our new Severneshop Polar Explorer Longtail puffa worth £109!

To enter all you have to do is:

1. Watch the video.
2. Note what I say at 11.31 seconds (Eleven minutes and 31 seconds).
3. Email us in the ‘Subject’ of your email with what I say to:

Entry is FREE and the winner will be announced on March 1st. Entries close midnight 28 February.

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This post was written by James Connor


  • I still receive windsurf mag as a birthday gift, nice to have something delivered through the post other than bills.
    Can see where you’re coming from though, online is definitely where things are heading, do miss the old pop in to the shop to have a look and touch the new kit though . As for windsurfing tv, There’s probably not too many people in the windsurf community who could pull it off as he does. An infectous personality that draws you in, oh , and not a bad windsurfer either.
    By the way Ben, hows the winging going, all gone a bit quiet on that front . LOL !!!!
    Anyway, all the best Neil on Sv future ,and hopefully see you on the water soon.

  • I like severne

  • Such a good point with the non-committal reviews, it just leaves the reader none-the-wiser and essentially thinking all brands are just the same with different graphics!

  • Severne shop have done me proud over the years. Neil has always spent time giving me advise b4 I’ve bought kit off him hense I don’t buy off anyone else. Back up is superb! Thanks Neil.

  • Spot on – Reviews on windsurfing gear have just become the voice of the brands. You’re unlikely to ever read a bad review in such a small, expensive and competitive market as windsurfing. I once spent a small forture on a quiver of sails and masts from one of the very top brands based on excellent magazine reviews yet in reality they were nothing more than a total expensive disaster, completely underpowered and unfit for racing let alone recreational sailing. Good luck to Severne Shop.

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