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Severne Fox 95 V1


(2 customer reviews)

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  • “The Best Freeride board I’ve even sailed” – Neil Greentree
    Read: 1st Exclusive UK Review of The NEW Severne Fox
  • Extra V in the hull for better stability
  • Designed to take freeride to the next level, the Fox allows you to blast full speed through the choppiest water you can find. Continuous rocker, reduced tail width and extreme Vee provide unique levels of control. Bonus is the best gybe in the business. Don’t let the comfort deceive you – in real world conditions the Fox delivers unmatched high performance fun.
  • Watch our Team Rider testing the Fox at Defi wind 2017 below

Product Description

FOX 95

The Fox 95 has the dimensions for versatility. Fast rocker and outboard footstraps for high speed blasting. The narrow tail, pronounced vee work with the inboard footstrap positions to cover any bump and jump or FSW needs. Excels in open ocean, big swell, choppy water and high wind conditions with multiple tuning options. Severneshop Team Rider Neil Greentree commented ” This is the best freeride blaster Ive ever sailed. Its so dependable you find yourself taking on the full slalom kit guys at a race”


Hints & Tips video

95236616.74.7 – 6.760-75kg = big board, 80-95kg = small boardPOWERBOX017 SV F-SERIES 320
80224576.23.7 – 5.370-85kg = big board, 90-105kg = small boardPOWERBOX017 SV F-SERIES 360
86225586.44.2 – 5.580-95kg = big board, 100-120kg = small boardPOWERBOX017 SV F-SERIES 400
92226596.54.7 – 6.095-120kg = big board, 115-140kg = small boardPOWERBOX017 SV F-SERIES 440

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2 reviews for Severne Fox 95 V1

  1. Neil Greentree (Team Rider)

    5 Stars +! What can I say – blasting down the 45 Kilometre course at Defi wind with ben Severne on our Fox 95’s with a NCX 5.5 was some of the best sailing of my life. In my own words on Youtube ” The most dependable Freeride board I’ve ever sailed” – VERY Highly Recommended!!!!

  2. Kevin Frost

    OK, so I finally got to sail my Severne Fox 105 in some decent winds, all be it bloomin’ chilly. Firstly, she definitely feels happier carrying a larger rig, today, the 7m Severne Turbo. Tried an NCX 6m few weeks back, was OK but think 6.5m to 7.5 makes the board tick.

    Had to move the back straps inboard as had trouble finding the strap so far outboard, but think maybe just because I’m used to sailing wave and fsw boards.
    This brings me to the performance. If you want quick, you definitely wont be disappointed. Bear off to release, as seems to be the case for all modern boards and sit back and enjoy the silky smooth ride. Flat out today over some nasty short chop but never felt at any point, the nose would catch and trip. Gybing is effortless but felt it liked to be gybed hardish rather than a long drawn out arc. Really pleased with it so far, still getting used to her and feel, in my opinion, it’s best aimed at an advanced intermediate to advanced sailor. Still easy to sail, but wouldn’t say as easy as say, an RRD Firemove. Would definitely recommend for anyone who likes blasting fast and can gybe fairly competently.

    Hope this helps,
    Kevin Frost

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