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MEGA-DEAL!!!- Severne Nano V1


(2 customer reviews)
  • Excellent grip for bottom and top turns
  • “The Nano flatters the rider. It extols the true virtues of modern ‘compact’ wave-board design and will push the rider’s wave-riding to the next level.” Tris Best – Principal Tester Windsurf Magazine
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Product Description

The NEW Severne Nano board is probably the most widely anticipated board release from Severne since the NuEvo released in 2016. Here we see the new Nano being tested in Pozo, the Canaries and I have to say it looks like it’s going to be quite a board!

Inspired by Tomo’s new-school surfboards, the Nano is a fresh wavesailing sensation.

Its parallel rails mean the width is narrower than on a traditional board, which makes it feel like you’re sailing a smaller board. The efficiency of the parallel rails means you’re up and planing as if you were riding a bigger board.

Initially conceived as a small wave, onshore biased design, the Nano proved to be so much more:


Fast enough for onshore, stable enough for high speed, down-the-line wall rides. And then with the option of Thruster drive and power or Quad manoeuvrability.


An efficient rocker with low-drag entry gets the Nano up and moving with the slightest gust.


Volume distribution centres the volume where you need it, not up on the nose or right at the tail. This makes the Nano really efficient for its size.


Small. It’s short length and narrow width makes the Nano extremely compact. Sure, it fits in the car easier, but the real benefit is a smaller rotational space; fits into hollow sections of small waves, or quick aerial rotations.


Blending from thin, refined rails at the tail and through the stance, the rails get progressively fuller towards the nose. This automatically sets the trim when turning – the front rides safe and high, while the tail bites and drives through the turn.

78214 cm55 cm6.2 kg3.0 – 5.0SLOT BOX2 x 100 + 1 x 1902 x 140
83215 cm56 cm6.4 kg4.0 – 5.3SLOT BOX2 x 100 + 1 x 1902 x 150
93217 cm58 cm6.6 kg4.7 – 6.0SLOT BOX2 x 110 + 1 x 1902 x 150
103219 cm59 cm6.8 kg5.0 – 6.7SLOT BOX2 x 110 + 1 x 2102 x 150
Specifications subject to change without prior notice. Weight tolerance +/- 6%.

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2 reviews for MEGA-DEAL!!!- Severne Nano V1

  1. Neil Greentree (Team Rider)

    The compact Wave board that feels smaller than it is. I’m 88kgs and happily use a 93Ltr as a small board yet it has extra float with its volume. – Great board……… I love mine to death!

  2. Penny

    I have just sailed my 78 Nano for the first time. It’s the smallest board I’ve sailed and my go to board is an old 86 single fin freestyle wave. I weigh about 70kg and sail on the north norfolk coast, UK. I had a fantastic sail even though I was a bit underpowered some of the time. The board is really comfortable, went upwind well, was so manoeuvrable, planed easily and went over the chop so much more comfortably than my 86. I can’t wait to try it in some waves.

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