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2017 Starboard Reactor UltraCore Carbon


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“The new Reactor has many improvements this year… Faster, more turning range, easier rail to rail transitions, much more completed turns and way more reactive!”

– Dany Bruch

Product Description

  • New wider nose with narrower shoulders generates more lift with less drag for faster speeds.
  • The compact and stubby outline fits into tight pockets with little swing weight and improved reactivity. The wide nose provides stability and makes it easy to hit the lip.
  • Finboxes positions have also been adjusted to provide more traction and speed.
  • Footstraps positions have been adjusted; the back inserts have been moved back so that your foot sits in the right spot above the fins.
  • Speed mixed with the same magnified ability to exploit the lightest and smallest waves. The 2017 Reactors, with their new rockers, are much faster to move from the niche wave category into the mainstream.
  • Quad setup with Drake Twin Surf fins in the back for grip and drive and Drake Natural Wave fins in the front. Fitted with 4 new Starbox that allows to fit Slot Box fins faster and more conveniently than ever. The Starbox system is compatible with US base fins as well, for added strength.
  • Combination of single and double concaves from fins to nose provide speed, grip and control. Heavy flat Vee off the tail allows for unprecedented reactivity in turns.
  • Thin rails with a soft, low-apex shape for grip. Sharper in the back for planing release and bite. Reinforced with a full Carbon Innegra rail band for increased rail impact resistance and stiffness.
  • The Reactors are available in our new incredibly light UltraCore Carbon construction which makes them as light or lighter than anything else out there. They’re built in our exclusive UltraCore sandwich core and reinforced with Omega stringers and what we call Smart Carbon: putting the carbon smartly in the right places for an optimized combination of stiffness, flex and feel.
  • The UltraCore Reflex Carbon is the exclusive, super-premium option for a board that is even lighter on the scale. They offer more feel, more responsiveness and more flex than conventional boards. The Reflex Carbon model is limited in stock, built to order with a four month delivery lead time.
  • UltraCore is Starboard’s proprietary sandwich core material that’s 30% stronger, 40% stiffer and 10% lighter than conventional PVC sandwich cores. UltraCore allows Starboard to build boards up to 1.2 kg lighter than our 2016 models.
  • The Reactors feature 10mm thick footpads with a new square grooving pattern that provides more grip and comfort over extended sessions. They also come with the new iteration of the Drake Deluxe straps, strong and comfortable with strap-size indicators for easy adjustments.
76210 cm56.5 cm37.6 cm11.6 cm5.9 kg
82212 cm59 cm38.9 cm12.1 cm6.0 kg
87215 cm61 cm39.2 cm12.4 cm6.1 kg
97218 cm63 cm40.6 cm13.2 cm6.3 kg
107221 cm65 cm42.2 cm13.6 cm6.6 kg
112223 cm67 cm42.7 cm14.0 cm6.8 kg
Weights are +/- 5%, except for ASAP, Starlite, Starshot, ArmourTech and Inflatable technologies that are +/- 6%. 
Weights are estimates, use for indicative purposes only.

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