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Atan Madi Windsurf Shoe



T1 = 38-39 (UK 5 – 6.5)
T2 = 40-41 (UK 7 – 7.5)
T3 = 42-43 (UK 8 – 9)
T4 = 44-45 (UK 10 – 11)
T5 = 46-47 (UK 11.5 – 12.5)

Product Description

  • The best wetsuit boot in the world
  • We stock most sizes

ATAN boots, for that ‘barefoot’ feeling!

Many of you will know that ATAN have for many years made probably the most flexible and warmest boot available in the market, particularly distinguished from the competition by their incredible “Barefoot feeling” sole. This “Barefoot feeling” is achieved by using a natural latex dip process which is unique to ATAN.


For those types that pack up mid-October and re-join the freezing masses the following April look away now. But for the all-year, hardy sailors then these slinky, kinky rubber split toes are what you want to keep your pinkies warm without feeling like you’ve just put a pair of wellies on to go sailing. We were given several pairs to try during the recent Boardseeker Freeride test which we did throughout March and into April when the hills above us were still covered in snow!

“The ‘Barefoot feeling’ is achieved by using a natural latex dip process which is unique to ATAN.”

Did we like ’em? Hell yes!! They really felt different than normal wetsuit boots. Much more feel through your sole of your foot and the split toe (although it felt a bit strange to begin with) allowed you to use your foot naturally, i.e. pressing down with your big toe to get the board on the plane or initiating a gybe etc. The split toe also stops your foot sliding to the front of the boot.

“New to the split toe range this summer is the MADI; a summer split toe boot/shoe.”

They were comfy, easier to put on than normal boots and most importantly; warm. We’d love to try and find some fault with the boots so you’d think we were giving them a ‘fair review’ but they really were stunning. Why all the other manufactures keep producing the same old dinghy style boot for windsurfers is beyond us. Buy a pair now!!

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