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Enigma Boom V2


The lightest, stiffest and most durable boom in existence. Available in Wave, Slalom and Formula profiles.

The custom carbon manufacture of the Enigma booms has one main objective; to produce the best stiffness to weight ratio. Unique methods have been developed to enhance the manufacture with every boom built individually with the emphasis on technology, not mass production. ENIGMA Hardware transforms your entire rig; the ultimate combination of lightweight, stiffness, ergonomics and geometry.


Product Description

  • Used by The TOP Sailors the world over
  • New stiffer rear end
  • Pre-preg carbon construction
  • Lockjaw – The strongest boom clamp on the market!
  • Uni-grip eva
  • 25mm grip for Ultimate moves
Wave 140-190 Wave Carbon 25mm 1.88kg
Wave 150-200 Wave Carbon 25mm 1.97kg
Freemove 160-210 Freemove Carbon 27mm 2.23kg
Freemove 170-220 Freemove Carbon 27mm 2.61kg
Race 180-230 Race Carbon 27mm 2.68kg
Race 190-240 Race Carbon 30mm 3.49kg
Race 210-250 Race Carbon 30mm 3.52kg
Race 240-290 Race Carbon 30mm 3.73kg


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