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ION Neo Hoods 3/2mm


The best water sealing and protection for your head against the cold for windsurfers. Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Product Description

Maximum Warmth: the best water sealing and protection for your head against the cold
Draw_Cord: elastic string in a Glide_skin channel around face seals perfectly in the water
Shoulder Cuff: the inside cuff worn underneath the wetsuit covers neck/shoulder area for maximum water sealing
Dual_Seal: new double layer cuff construction on the collar improves the water sealing significantly
Velcro Patch: a Velcro patch on the outer cuff is placed on the neck closure to prevent slipping
GBS_Seams: water sealing for all seams
EVA_Shield: new hood construction with shield for extra wind/spray protection
Ear_Holes: punched out holes for better hearing and orientation
Cyber_Stretch: super soft stretch collar materials to avoid choking



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