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Severne RDM90 Mast

Original price was: £469.00.Current price is: £375.00.

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The Severne RDM90 mast has a 90% carbon content, which gives it a great mix of performance and durability. Replacing the 2013 RedLine mast with increased strength.

Also offers wave mast durability for RDM cam sails (OverDriveR4 / R5, Turbo)

Product Description

  • 90% carbon
  • Toray pre-preg carbon
  • +7 measured offset accuracy

The relationship between the mast and sail needs to be matched with finite detail. The correct curve and stiffness ensures that the response, shaping and twist are consistent with not only the original design objectives but also with the controlled conditions we test each and every one of our sails.

At Severne, our analysis of mast performance extends far beyond the two dimensional IMCS system with only 3 reference points. All Severne masts are tested at 7 designated offsets and computer faired to precisely mirror the luff curve of the sail.

Every mast in every range is produced using pre-preg carbon construction. This way the resin consistency and content can be managed down to sub millilitre perfection and the fibre content and bias controlled, which optimises strength and reduces weight.


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2 reviews for Severne RDM90 Mast

  1. Jonny Utah

    I use these with my 2017 Blades. A perfect combination of performance and price. Cannot fault them.

  2. Neil Greentree (Team Rider)

    These are a great mast for the sailor who wants maximum performance but a degree of durability with it just in case they get rinsed on those big days.

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