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RRD Freestyle Wave LTE V5


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The RRD Freestyle Wave Ltd V5 is available in 3 different technologies, the LTE, LTD and the new BLKRBN (Black Ribbon). The Black Ribbon is a new technology that allows to have the lightest possible boards under your feet and a superb distinctive finishing level.

The new Freestyle Wave V5 has been completely renovated and is laminated using Biaxial Carbon Innegra fibers on the deck on both LTD and BLKRBN.

All the freestyle wave boards are equipped with exclusive K4 for RRD fins in orange colour.

Product Description

LTE: Light and tight

Single shot / wood clear deck & glass bottom

The LTE is our wood technology that holds the impacts and rides smooth on choppy water. The new performance construction is able to combine strength and durability with lightweight by adding specific reinforcements and perfectly combining them underneath the Wood laminate.

Those layers are combined together and placed very efficiently to reinforce the most stressed parts and leaving a lighter weight in less stressed areas. Both deck and bottom are laminated using a 0,6 mms wood veneer and Biaxial Glass fibers.

84L228×58K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 20 3SW powerbox3.7 – 5.36.9kg
90L229×60K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 22 3SW powerbox3.7 – 5.67.0kg
96L230×62K4 for RRD SINGLE 28 3SW powerbox4.0 – 6.07.2kg
104L234×64K4 for RRD SINGLE 30 3SW powerbox4.2 – 6.57.5kg

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