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RRD Freestyle Wave LTD Y25


  • Straight Rocker until the mid section and slight double concave configuration.
  • All the boards come with the “Power Box” fin system in combination with the 2 side slot box to allow to find the best trim.
  • The 78lts, 84lts and 90 lts are equipped with K4 for RRD 3SW center and SHARK II side
    while the bigger sizes (the 96lts, 104lts and 114 lts) come with a single K4 for RRD 3SW.

Product Description

The RRD Freestyle Wave is your every day windsurf board. The most versatile board in our range will always make you rejoice whether if you are riding it in flatwater or waves. What you get is an excellent planing, easy-going pure pleasure fast ride and great maneuverability. The Freestyle Wave’s reference bottom shape offers an extraordinary feeling of comfort and accessibility, but then it reacts quickly once it is put into proper action. It adapts to all wave and flatwater conditions
due to both single or thruster fin uses.

78L224×56K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 20 3SW powerbox3.7 – 5.76.5kg
84L225×58K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 20 3SW powerbox4.0 – 6.26.9kg
90L226×60K4 for RRD SIDE 10 SHARK 2 slotbox / K4 for RRD CENTER 22 3SW powerbox4.2 – 6.47.0kg
96L228×62K4 for RRD SINGLE 28 3SW powerbox4.5 – 6.77.2kg
104L230×64K4 for RRD SINGLE 30 3SW powerbox4.7 – 7.27.5kg
114L232×66K4 for RRD SINGLE 32 3SW powerbox5.0 – 7.57.7kg

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