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RRD Morpho Classic


Wave Allround

3 x new shapes that complete the range of both allround and wave boards. The Morpho sups are exactly the right answer for those suppers willing to get only one board to do it all, just better!

Product Description

Based on the outline of a modern Cotan surfboard or sup design for waves, these surf shapes have been stretched and made to fit a more “allround” length and width.

9’02, 9’4” and 9’6” to allow, good floatation and easy paddling while keeping a straight line on flat water (a limit on pure wave boards) and a very manoeuvrable behaviour once on a wave.

Easy gliders, fast and stable, a perfect choice for those suppers that have already used an allround board, but wanting to try and ride some proper waves or those who simply want to start straight on the waves, but want to use the same board when touring on flat water.


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