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Severne Blade 2018


(3 customer reviews)

Control Oriented Wave

The 2018 Severne Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control. Sail profiles are designed for maximum stability and wind range. Moderate head tension allows responsive twist.

Product Description

Constructed entirely out of premium X-Ply, the Blade is one of the most durable sails on the market, yet intelligent design means it’s also one of the lightest. SpiderFibre technology has radically reduced swing weight whilst also creating a much stronger clew. Dyneema window X-Ply allows for unrestricted vision. Upper panels in eM3 reduce swing weight. The new highly durable yet lightweight eM4 material is used in high load foot area and makes the Blade even lighter for 2018.

The panel layout has been updated for 2018 with more elegant styling reflecting the premium quality of the Blade.

The 2018 Blade is the sail to choose for all-round high performance.

Key Features

  • 100% Xply
  • Double seams everywhere
  • Benchmark wave sail

Upgrades for 2018

  • eM4 material upgrade
  • Sleeker styling
  • Upgraded fittings
  • New shorter luff 5.7 can rig on 400 mast


All Wave and Freestyle Wave

RDM100 – For ultimate performance
RDM90 – High end performance with increased reliability
GORILLA – For durability with an unconditional 2 year limited warranty

The BLADE is recommended for RDM masts.

ENIGMA – For ultimate performance
METAL – For high end performance





A web of fibreglass filament that disburses loads across seams and throughout the body of the sail. By using stronger, lighter fibres and reducing sail patching, we can measurably reduce weight and swing weigh and at the same time, increase strength.

Seamless head panel

This high abrasion area is made from only 1 panel and does not carry any exposed seams, preventing any potential weak point in this area. As a result, seam creep and seam-related failure have been eliminated.


eM3 is developed to combine the performance of the e-series cloths with maximum durability. The addition of a 90-degree pre preg polyester scrim has provided unique tear resistant characteristics and the off-axis loads are carried through the 22-degree X-ply fibres. The red and new blue adhesive maintain the UV resistance and tear strength, while the reduced film thickness significantly reduces the weight. The use in the upper panels reduces not only the overall sail weight, but also the swing weight, aiding manoeuvrability and control. Used in the BLADE and in the FREEK.

Double seams

All Severne wave sails have 25mm double stitched window seams. The wider, single colour seam tape ensures maximum tear strength and crash resistance.

Boom height reference

Boom height gauge for ease of reference.

Seamless foot construction

A single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. Maximum durability and minimum weight.


High load laminate

Based on the proven eM3 platform, the high load eM4 material features twice the amount of X-Ply fibre and increased film thickness to maximise durability. This new material allows weight reduction whilst maintaining puncture resistance and tear strength. Used in the lower impact zone in the sail.

SCRIM: Polyester
X-PLY: Polyester x 2
GSM: I90gsm

3&4 roller tack pulley

Roller tack pulleys are matched to the sails downhaul requirements and aligned for friction free downhauling and threading ease. Rig your sails with the Severne Hardware Division extensions for function and simplicity.

Thermoformed tack fairing

Protects your board from impact and neatly covers the foot detailing. It incorporates the rope stash pocket for easy storage of your downhaul rope.

Molded soft edge

With recessed grooving, covering any vulnerable stitching the moulded soft edge encloses the hard edge long the foot of the sail and protects the stitching from wear along the board non-skid.

3.033114052.3ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.334814152.4ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.535614652.5ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
3.736714852.6ADJSEVERNE 340 Wave
4.037415552.6ADJSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.239515852.7FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.540316052.8FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.740616352.9FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.041716653.0FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.342617053.1FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.543017553.2FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.743217753.3FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.245518053.4FIXEDSEVERNE 430 Wave
6.746218953.6FIXEDSEVERNE 460 Wave
* Recommended mast lengths are dependent on rider weight: lighter riders may prefer a shorter/softer mast, while heavier riders may prefer a longer/stiffer mast.

Additional Information

Sail size

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Sail Style


Skill Level

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Red/Blue, Red/Orange

3 reviews for Severne Blade 2018

  1. Tom McClelland

    This review comes with a wealth warning. I bought one Severne sail earlier this year and now my count is up to 4…

    I liked the NCX so much in the 6-8.5 sizes that I decided to replace my ageing 5m sail with a Blade. Just used it for the first time in proper 20kt+ winds yesterday and it was us much of a revelation as the NCX was earlier in the year. Light, powerful, comfortable. I’m just a freeride gybing blaster and usually once the wind is at 5m levels my gybing starts to fall apart between my fear and the power of the sail. Yesterday I did several of the best gybes I’ve ever managed flying out on the plane.

    Once again I sprung for the recommended SDM mast to match the sail. After spending 20 years not bothering to get matching masts I can confirm that it was a mistake to try to economise by using old masts on new sails or buying cheap masts, as so many do. Having the matching mast that the sail was designed around makes a huge difference.

  2. Tom McClelland

    For a freeride blaster like me this is the perfect match to the NCX bigger cousins once the wind really gets up. It has the same feeling of comfortable power and stability and lightness, and I felt confident that the sail wouldn’t let me down in winds well above what was necessary to fully power it up. In gusts you just go faster. I only need to have the guts to hold on to the power. As with my NCX’s I went for the Severne recommended mast too. I’m sure this makes a huge difference to the performance. In a way you’re buying a mast, and then a sail to rig on it; just a different mindset when buying.

  3. GRegor

    Very nice sail with ton of control and power The only downside that needs to be fixed is the recommendation for 430 mast in 5.7 sail (432 luff) whereas for the 5.5 is 400 (430luff) It s impossible to buy four mast for four sails(5.7 5.3 4.7 3.7) Do not complicate so much things Simpler methods should be used in favor of the sailor

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