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Severne Psycho


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Full power freestyle. The Severne Psycho uses modern design concepts to go faster, pop higher and spin quicker.


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Product Description

Narrower widths with parallel rails increase efficiency for faster top end speeds, and instant acceleration. Reduced lengths make the Psycho functionally compact for faster, controlled rotation.

Developed in conjunction with former freestyle world champ Dieter van der Eyken, the design focus was on maximising speed for bigger moves.  Highly refined design makes this performance easily accessible to any freestyler. Out-of-the-box instant functionality.

Specific freestyle features include reduced nose volume for reduced swing weight and controlled rotation, footstraps angled for easier switch stance access, and double plugged rear straps to prevent twisting and handle higher loads.

If you want to take your freestyle to the next level, go Psycho.

Compared to the Dyno

  • 100% freestyle focused
  • More pop
  • Rotates faster both in the air and sliding

Additional Information



Parallel Outline

The parallel outline decreases drag and increases stability. Overall width is reduced which helps give the boards a smaller, more manoeuvrable feel.


Maintaining a constant internal pressure inside the board minimizes the risk of delamination or core damage. The waterproof Goretex membrane allows air to transfer freely into and out of the board constantly to automatically regulate internal pressure.

The main advantages over a traditional screw-type plug are;



Our Airvent features a second membrane at the base of the plug as a back-up failsafe. Even in the unlikely event of damage to the top of the Airvent plug, the back-up will prevent water entry.

The Airvent is completely automatic, so don’t adjust or tighten before or after windsurfing or flying. It’s always working to keep your board at optimum pressure.

Compression molded technology (CMC)


The idea behind us building boards is simply to produce a better board. Better is partly design, but also construction. Most windsurf boards in the world are made in the one factory with limited options for how the boards are put together. Sure, there’s vast differences in layups and material specs but the basic way the boards are built is the same. For us, we see the first step in revolutionising board construction is to step outside that box. This allows us to experiment and develop different ways to build a better board.

With IQC we are building boards very differently: high pressure compression molding produces quite different strength to weight ratios and more accurate, consistent shapes. Oversized EPS blanks apply pressure on the inside of the laminate whilst heavy concrete molds compress the outside to the exact shape of the master. There are no partially closed molds, or re-finishing differences. Strong, accurate and consistent. A better board.


Overbuilt to withstand heavy use through choppy conditions. We use a higher density sandwich layer combined with internal T-stringers to prevent rocker deformation under continuous impacts. The deck also uses a higher density sandwich and has an added bamboo layer to reduce any softening between the footstraps. Pre-laminated carbon rails are key to adding enough stiffness for responsive performance, but allowing more flexible fibreglass laminates to be used on the deck and underside to avoid a harsh ride through rough water. An added benefit of the pre-laminated carbon rails is it maintains heel integrity by vertically reinforcing that area under the heels. The susceptible nose and tail sections are massively reinforced with carbon.

Freestyle strap positioning

Narrower 140mm spacing for better control and more side support. 50-degree front strap angle allows easier access during switch stance setup. Double plugged rear straps to prevent twisting and handle higher loads.

Full power rail design

High volume, square edges through the tail maximise power and lift for instant acceleration and explosive pop. Forward rails feature a high apex and increased tuck to prevent catching during sliding moves and to increase the hit rate of landed moves.

Dynamic volume distribution

Reduced volume in the nose for reduced swing weight and faster, more controlled rotation. Increased volume in the stance area amplifies pop and early planning.

Performance contours

Minimal V throughout aids sliding and rotation, reduces drag and stabilises the board during switch stance setup.

High speed rocker line

Fast, low drag rocker to maximise top end speed for big moves. The entry rocker has been tuned for the lowest possible angle of attack for maximum acceleration and nose landing manoeuvres.

Hex 4

A single tool does everything.

1. Batten tension adjustment.
2. Fin screws (both SlotBox and PowerBox).
3. Footstrap installation.
4. Beer opener.

The HEX4 tool is supplied with every sail and every board. Compared to a Philips screwdriver, the 4mm hex key is a much easier system to tighten and adjust footstraps and fins. It only requires a rotational movement rather than downforce + rotation. The wide boomerang gives enough leverage to fully tighten footstraps with a fraction of the effort of a Philips screwdriver.

92219616.23.3 – 5.255kg-75kg = main board, 75kg-95kg = small boardPowerboxSV Freestyle 190
10221962.56.34.4 – 5.975kg-95kg = main boardPowerboxSV Freestyle 200


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