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Severne S-1 Pro 2019

Premium Manoeuvrability


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Product Description

Design focus was on further increasing jumping control without sacrificing wave riding ability. Profile depth is now lower in the sail for control, whilst mid leech tension was increased to maintain torque for driving vertically towards the lip. Overall luff curve has been added to increase skin tension and improve wind range.

Four batten layout in all sizes means maximum manoeuvrability.  And now with a Cyclops compatible tack pulley to get you on the water fast.

The HyperSpider membrane consists entirely of high-tech fibres: Technora for the body fibre, and now Dyneema for the X-Ply to increase strength.  The pinnacle of windsurf sail materials.

Key Features

  • HyperSpider 4.0
  • Ultralight weight
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Increased wind range
  • Aero batten pockets

Upgrades for 2019

  • 4th generation Dyneema HyperSpider. Improved durability.
  • Refined performance
  • Cyclops-ready



In a traditional x-ply sail, very few of the fibres are aligned with the load of the sail, this means the film takes the load, this means the film has to be thicker and heavier.

In a HyperSpider sail each membrane is custom built for each sail size and model. Every fibre is aligned along its exact load paths, this mean film thickness can be reduced making a lighter sail.

Aero batten pockets

In the quest to create a truly symmetrical sail, Severne have developed the Aero Batten Pocket. Rather than add the batten pocket on one side of the sail, the panels of the sail are overlapped to create a channel for the batten. The tensioner is then loaded from both sides of the sail creating even tension across both sides of the foil.

The result is improved sail symmetry, and reduced weight.

3.635614642.1FIXEDSEVERNE 340 Wave
4.037315142.2FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.438515642.4FIXEDSEVERNE 370 Wave
4.840216442.5FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.242017042.6FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
5.643017642.7FIXEDSEVERNE 400 Wave
* Recommended mast lengths are dependent on rider weight: lighter riders may prefer a shorter/softer mast, while heavier riders may prefer a longer/stiffer mast.

Additional Information

Sail size

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Sail Style


Skill Level

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