Sometimes it just rolls like dat………..

March 31, 2012 6:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

So the first warm day rolls up and my phone text starts blowing up with local sailors talking about Wells on Saturday. Plans were made and the Team Bus readied for its first outing in its NEW livery. I rolled up at 10.00am with a 20 knot forecast and high tide at 12.30 and rigged my fantastic Blade 6.2 and ‘The one and only” Fanatic Freewave 95.

The wind was just enough to plain but I was struggling unlike, Graham Wales, Frank Titlow, Olly Simmonds who were on bigger boards and so ripping it up. Time to change tactics………..and out came the big guns!

I came in and rigged my NEW sublime Overdrive 7.5 and fanatic Hawk 110TE. Oh yeah……what a change. Powered up, locked down, it was time to blow everyone else off the water. the next hour I blasted my race kit up and down Holkham straight……….and a lot of posing with it as the wind picked up. God that Overdrive can handle the strong winds – 22 knots, massively powered but perfectly in control. O…M….GOD!!! what a sail.

………..And the Twist

When I came in to rig my Overdrive Olly and I were wrestling with the cams on the sail so I removed my £700 Tissot T-Touch and layed it on the grass next to the sail. Yeah, you got it – I went out leaving it on the grass for 2 hours until I looked down at my wrist, of course at the furthest point down at Holkham, and it dawned on me. OMG – my watch is on Wells car park…..and has been for 2 bloody hours!!!!!!!!!!

Raced back over powered on a downwind reach, ran in across the car park to find several of the guys right where the watch should be laying. I walked closer and would you believe it, there it was!! – So, there it is. Sometimes lady luck does look down on us………..

So there it is. A good days sailing and a turn of fortune………..sometimes it just rolls like that.

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