Storm Hector.

June 16, 2018 8:01 am Published by 1 Comment

After what has seemed like a lifetime, the UK finally got some wind, thanks to storm Hector.
A lovely warm wind blowing south-westerly and then turning Westley, on the Norfolk coast.

So, an early start for Neil and myself, and due to the wind conditions and tides, Brancaster was the best option.

Neil rigged his Severne 4.4, S1 with the NEW Dyno 86L and I set up my 86L Kode with my favourite sail, the Gator, 4.7.
The wind was blowing SW, very strongly but also very gusty and we were both totally over- powered and hanging on for dear live!
In typical Norfolk stile, the wind then dropped giving us a bit of rest and then nothing, but thankfully only for a short while.
Then as the forecast had predicted, the wind turned Westerly and became more consistent.
We then had the most fantastic time, racing out to sea, jumping and riding the westerly swell that was then forming.
This time the wind out did us and the only reason we came off the water was that us 2 ‘old’ men were exhausted but we had thoroughly enjoyed what Brancaster had offered up.

As I have said before the Severne Gator is in my opinion fantastic it just handled the gusts with ease and when the wind sorted its self-out, I just adjusted the down-hall and this increased the power to the sail. No matter what conditions you ask the Gator to work in, it works. It adjusts quickly and delivers the power to the board with its lightness and manoeuvrability you will not find a better wave / freeride sail. (In my opinion)


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This post was written by Steve Chatten (Team Rider)

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  • Not sailed myself this year due to family bereavements but can’t believe just hour and a half south down in Essex, the guys were on 8 -9m sails. Norfolk really can be blessed at times with some super conditions.
    Glad u had a good blast guys, and yes , have to agree with Steve regarding the Gator. Plug n play sail, with great wind range that just never fails to deliver controllable performance.

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