Sub Zero Sail In January………. No Probs!

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As you all know I am a big advocate of all year round windsurfing. It allows you to maintain the skills you leart the previous Summer therefore keeping your skill level rising. With the right winter kit such as drysuits, gloves and hat it really is;nt that cold to sail all year round. Don’t get me wrong, when you go out during these cold winter days you’re not out to try a forward loop or nail that Flakka, but simply keep sailing therefore your muscle memory of the moves is maintained. Just having a 1/2 hour blast is enough to keep those skills we struggle to master yet loose 50{f61be24ee1963f108502a136e2efcacf7d807c138d3e8d7bbcfb0982c2ecffb4} of the particular move over the Winter period.

So with that in mind myself, Penny Wiles and Frank Titlow met up at Wells for a winter blast. We chose to sail low tide in the channel which is safer but found we sailed my newly found spot ‘Perry’s heaven’ and the bay at times. The temperature was 5 degrees with a windchill of -5 degrees which is enough to put most people off, but once rigged up ( Severne S-1 Pro 5.2 and Fanatic Freewave textreme 86) together with my ION Fuse drysuit (brilliant winter suit!), Atan Maddison Boots, ION mits and ION Beanie hat I started on the 1/2 mile walk out to the channel.

It actually was remarkably warm with my hands not freezing up once…… I really was very toasty and not hindered much at all considering the extra bulk being carried in the suit, gloves, etc. The wind filled in and we all got some wonderful Perry’s heaven sailing for, what in the end, was nearly 2 1/2 hours.

Feeling very ‘smug’ we all retired to our favourite feeding hole Wells beach cafe for Mochas, cake and some special offer sausage rolls!! All in all a great winter sail……….. those of you who don’t sail thru winter………. go on give it a try. It really is fun!!!!



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