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September 3, 2016 9:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s been an awesome summer for me. After finishing the end of year 10 at school we decided to take a trip to the Caribbean island, Bonaire. Which for both me, and my brother has always been a dream to sail there. We stopped at Amsterdam on route to Bonaire in the van and obviously had some fun there for a few nights!! It was a great place and was a close one when we nearly missed our early morning flight the next day… Luckily, a few other passengers were held up in the queues at the airport so we managed to just make the flight! 🙂

Once we arrived in Bonaire, the wind was blowing lightly throughout the day and we hit the water on 5.2’s. The crystal waters of Lac Bay was a freestylers heaven. Whilst windsurfing in the huge bay which was all waist deep we came across Turtles, Rays and loads of exotic fish. I  managed to sail most days on a 5.2 and 5.6 Freek and was perfect freestyle conditions throughout the day! We spent two weeks on Bonaire, exploring the island in the truck, snorkelling and of course windsurfing and without a doubt was one of the nicest places I have ever sailed. Was a treat to go from a 5mm wetsuit to nothing…

Anyway, after this we headed back to Amsterdam, stopping at Curacao along the way in a very small and extremely hot plane. Once in Amsterdam we drove back home and had a week there before we then flew out to Vass to get a quick week out there sailing. We were so lucky to have 7/7 days on the water and 6/7 were all full power freestyle days!


It was a crazy week and good to be back out there after a year of not going. The sailing and of course the evening life was awesome and we met lots of new people including lots of local Hunstanton sailors. I got so close to landing my first konos and can’t wait to get out on the water in the UK now.

Unfortunately I can’t make it to NWF this weekend but if you are down there, come check out our stand and talk to the other Team Riders.

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