The 2022 Severne Sails Finally Arrive – Well a few do!

December 24, 2021 10:14 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It feels that we have waiting for almost a year for the 2022 range of sails to drop from Severne. In fairness its not been anything like that, but because we were far more involved in the production process with our exclusive Blade SVS range of sails it just feels much longer.


So 3 days before Xmas I was out in my driveway with my daughter reluctantly filming me as I revealed the NEW 2022 S-1 sail in anthracite – Now we were offered this colourway for our SVS but felt it too dark for the North Sea (staying seen etc) but now I see it do kinda like it. The sail seems to sport a little more sail tension and feel ever better finished than previous models but take a look for yourself.


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