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Severne Pyro

Severne sails and waveboards go hand in hand – The Nu-Evo series of twin fin boards followed by the excellent Nano v1 – both very very competent boards. And then there was theĀ  Nano v2 (see our vids) which our Team Riders all felt was too slow and lacked any grip unless used in ‘Quad’ mode.


So when we heard there would be a NEW PYRO wave board coming through which was designed around Philipp Koster, most of us were excited ( I wasn’t as I used the 2016 Blade Pro sails designed around Mr Koster and they were far too stiff for most average weight sailors). But once we saw the details I was converted – The board is designed to plane early and is essentially a fast wave board!

The NEW Pyro has some real qualities the UK sailor would like and with its multi fin capability you decide how its gonna sail – Loose, fast, all round…… you choose!. Andy Holland (Severneshop Wave Rider commented “ The Severne Pyro really excites me. It will be the board we would have liked the Nano v2 to have been. The Pyro will be a great shape for European sailors – A game changer!”

The board has gone super aggressive in aesthetic which we really like and the rails and shape we feel will fulfil the demands of European locations. We will be having the 1st Edition boards coming through early December and we have a limited quantity available to order.

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