A Timely Reminder…Windsurfing’s Extreme

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We all tend to think that windsurfing is no longer extreme. We get used to just sailing each time without thinking just what happens when things go wrong.

A timely reminder of this was steadfastly punched home today when all of us sailing at Wells witnessed a full scale rescue of a good friend of Severneshop Graham Wales. Lets get one thing straight – I often spout on about those who fail to renew basic essentials like your deckplate etc – this was not the case today.

Basically Graham’s fin caught his leg…..Ok no big deal, until blood began squirting out 6-12 inches!! Of course, other windsurfers rushed to his aid including Severneshop Team Rider Steve Chatten who plugged the gushing blood for 20 minutes until the Emergency Services arrived.

I pleased to say after medical attention( and a ruined wetsuit!) Graham is fine and is recovering at home.

But it just re-enforces that we put ourselves at risk every time we go sailing. Luckily for us in Norfolk, we also have a fantastic camaraderie that ensures we all look out for each other.

Get well soon Graham….

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  • Thanks Guys for all your help that’s why we windsurf with friends Grahame

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