Windsurf Hydrofoils Arrive At Severneshop

April 22, 2018 7:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Hydrofoiling has recently swept into windsurfing allowing salors to enjoy lighter winds and a new way to windsurf. We at Severneshop held back as there were simply hundreds of ‘first edition’ hydrofoils coming out as the industry found its feet in this NEW variant of the sport.

Finally we feel that RRD’s latest offering is set to bring hydrofoiling to the masses. The WH ALU 85 is a simply retro hydrofoil which will fit ALL powerbox, Tuttle and deep Tuttle fin boxes – which is a game changer as previous models didnt. The second great feature is its price – not officially announced yet but expect it to be under £1000. It comes with a great carry bag and is simple to build with the tools provided.

Its long fuselage makes the RRD ALU 85 simple to learn on and strong. We will get out on ours very soon but expect it to win our vote!!

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