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2024 Severne Convert V2


The updated Convert delivers performance at a lower price point.

Product Description

The next generation Convert delivers price competitive performance. The latest SEVERNE sail shaping technology, as well as, graded monofilm construction goes into this sail. The Convert is ideal for blasting, suited for the recreational or intermediate windsurfer.

Featured technologies such as “gradient monofilm construction” already have a proven track record. High performance freeride sails, as well as, racing sails already feature this.

5.0 / 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5 / 7.0 / 7.5

SizeLuffBoomBattensWeightHeadMastMast DiameterBoomExtension
5.043217053.07FIXEDRDM 430RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X
5.543917553.22FIXEDRDM 430RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X
6.044818353.38FIXEDRDM 430RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X
6.545918753.55FIXEDRDM 430RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X
7.046419553.73FIXEDRDM 430RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X
7.547520553.91FIXEDRDM 460RDM or SDMMETAL 160Triple X

This high abrasion area is made from only 1 panel and does not carry any exposed seams, preventing any potential weak point in this area. As a result, seam creep and seam-related failure have been eliminated.

Maximum stability & performance

Boom height gauge for ease of reference.

A single panel in the foot area with hidden load patches and zero exposed stitching eliminates seam abrasion and seam creep in this high load area. Maximum durability and minimum weight.

Rather than a single curved luff panel, we use separate panels – split luff – that radiate out of the head and tack corners. This perfectly aligns the sail material with the direction of load.


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